Oreo has come out with a new buttered popcorn flavored cookie, and movie lovers are already getting in line.

What’s the ultimate "Netflix and chill" checklist? For most, it’s an action-packed movie, a cuddly blanket, dimmed lights, an epic sound system, and a bucket of ooey-gooey, buttered popcorn. Together, that all sounds like a perfect movie experience, right? Well, we have one more item to add to your list: buttered popcorn Oreos.

Nabisco, the creators of some of the best snacks and treats around, have been taking a lot of creative liberty with their delicious black and white cookie. Over the past month, we’ve seen everything from Carrot Cake Oreos to Love Oreos (cookies with a tangy pink filling), and it looks like the company is at it again.

According to Instagrammer @thejunkfoodaisle, the company is currently concocting a new limited-edition treat – Buttered Popcorn Oreos.


@thejunkefoodaisle had the wonderful honor of trying the new flavor a month ago, and without being told what the flavor was, said, “I would have put all my money on it being ‘Pineaple’ after licking the creme. Eating it in its natural sandwich cookie state though and it becomes everyone’s least favorite Jelly Belly (but better!)”

Now, popcorn and cookies sound like the oddest combination of foods, but think about it. When you head to the movies, what do you buy? Generally, people blow their money on popcorn and chocolatey goodness. Well, now, Oreo is just saving you the cash and the time by allowing you to have both snacks all in one bite.  

Currently, there is no word about when the cookies are expected to hit grocery store shelves. Nabisco hasn't released any marketing material or ads related to the new buttered popcorn cookies. However, you can still expect fans to line up for the limited-edition, melt-in-your-mouth Oreos.

So let us know – will you be trying the new buttered popcorn-flavored Oreos, and what flavored Oreos do you want Nabisco to make next? Leave a comment below!