"AskMen" did some research and figured out what the most popular beer is in each state.

Well, folks! Virginians have spoken, and according to AskMen, Budweiser is the most popular beer in the state of Virginia.

Despite there being many beers that are local to the state, such as Smartmouth, Devil's Backbone, and Bold Rock Cider, Virginians have chosen an imported option that is brewed in Missouri! 

So why Budweiser? It has to be for the crisp and refreshing taste that makes it the perfect addition to your family vacation, BBQ, sports game, events ... I can keep going with that list all day long! Besides the cool and refreshing taste of a Bud or Bud Light, the beer can be paired with almost any meal or activity! Grilling up some burgers? Budweiser! Going boating? Budweiser! Cheering on your favorite baseball team? Budweiser! To be fair, it is a very cheap and consistent beer, so maybe we just prefer to have the ability to find it anywhere we are – at home or on the road.

Anyway, moving on to more important things!

Conversations about beer usually go like this:

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Fun fact: Budweiser actually received the top rating (18.4 percent) on the AskMen Beer Survey, making it the "most popular" in the majority of the 50 states, but primarily on the East Coast from Texas to Virginia! Check out the other states' selections here.

Now, go and enjoy a Bud or Bud Light with your friends: 

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Do you think Budweiser should be Virginia's "most popular" beer? What would you have voted for? Tell us in the comments!