This personalized, life-sized replica lollipop of your face gives the word "narcissism" a whole new meaning.

Who wouldn't want a giant, life-sized replica lollipop of themselves? Firebox, a British online retailer, can transform your face, a friend's or family member's, or even a celebrity's into a delicious sucker for you to enjoy.

I know. It's creepy yet awesome at the same time. (Mostly awesome, though. Amirite?)

It's a fairly easy process, too. All you've gotta do is submit a photo and brief description of yourself (or your chosen victim, er ... friend/family member/celebrity), and Firebox handles the rest. Seriously, just imagine the look on your friends' or family members' faces when they see themselves in candy form -- not something a lot of people can say they've experienced!

It makes the perfect birthday present! Maybe a quirky wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party gift! Perhaps you simply enjoy lollipops. Or maybe you're just a huge narcissist, plain and simple. Whatever your reason, just be prepared to drop about $57 on the handmade lollipops.

Called Face Licker (of course!), the service takes roughly five to seven days to manufacture, plus up to 10 days for shipment. So you'll have to wait a couple weeks before indulging in yourself ...

That came out wrong, but you know what I mean. Man, get your head out of the gutter -- and into your mouth!

Not only will these lollipops capture the spirit of the chosen individual(s), but they come in a tutti-frutti flavor. They're vegan-friendly, too, so the only ethical problem you could run into is whether or not you'd feel comfortable repeatedly licking a replica of someone else's face. I know I don't have a problem with it!

Otherwise, you should feel perfectly fine giving yourself, or someone else for that matter, a big ol' lick on the cheek. Sure, it's not a sight you see every day -- honestly, I'd be very concerned if it was -- but that's what makes it so unique!

Besides, now you'll be able to say that you are what you eat! (Ha! Get it? Come on, that's funny!)

What do you think? Will you give into your inner narcissist? Also, are there other weird food trends that you've noticed lately? And yes, we already know about the unicorn cake and giant tub of Oreo frosting. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us whose face you'd get a lollipop of!

Me? I'd want to get one of either myself (because, well, duh.) OR Chris Evans, aka Captain America. Seriously, do I even need to explain why that'd be friggin' amazing? I mean, have you seen that man??

All Images Courtesy of Firebox.