Smirnoff, in a truly brilliant move, has combined two of the best parts of the holiday season: Christmas tree ornaments and booze.

These giant Christmas tree ornaments from Smirnoff are the perfect additions to the holiday season. Oh, and did I mention they're filled with vodka? Yep. They're vodka-filled ornaments. VODKA-FILLED ORNAMENTS, guys. Can you say holly jolly Christmas?

According to Delish, each of the No. 21 Holiday Ornament bottles ($13) are filled with Smirnoff's triple distilled vodka and adorned with fun holiday phrases like "Mix & Mingle," "#BestGiftEver," and "Eat, Drink, & Be Merry." 

Courtesy of Smirnoff

Though, while these are classified as ornaments, you probably won't want to hang these bad boys from your tree seeing as each bottle contains 750ml of vodka and is frankly too heavy. Now, I am by no means an expert, but that's about the same weight as a standard bottle of wine. Besides, they don't come equipped with hangers -- I mean, I guess if you were that desperate, you could jimmy together a sturdy-enough hook that withstands the weight of the bottles, all while keeping them on the tree branches without breaking.

Personally, I'd rather just make some cocktails out of 'em! But that's just me. 

On top of the Holiday Ornament bottles, Smirnoff has also brought back its Peppermint Twist, both of which are available in stores. And you can visit Smirnoff's website to find a store near you or buy online.

What do you think? Will you deck the halls with these vodka-filled ornaments this holiday season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.