Nintendo makes a splash this summer with new features for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While June brought wedding bells to the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizon, July is expected to dive into summer with a splash. On June 25, Nintendo released a trailer showing off all the free features that will part of this summer’s Wave 1 update. This update includes all-new items, recipes, encounters, and even a special activity. So, let’s cannonball in and see what we can expect when these features roll out on Friday, July 3.

Swimming and Diving

Game characters swimming in the ocean

Courtesy of Nintendo

Be sure to pack your bathing suit because Animal Crossing is letting you test out the waters. Starting July 3, adventurous Animal Crossing characters will be able to swim off the coast and dive into the open ocean. As you dive, you’ll uncover a whole new world that will allow you to collect sea stars, sea anemone, spotted garden eels, and scallops. You can then donate some of these items to Blathers at the museum or hand them off to a new non-player character (NPC). To start your underwater journey, you’ll just have to buy a wetsuit from Nook’s Cranny or the Nook Shopping app.

Pascal the Scallop-Collecting Otter

Game character swimming with an otter

Courtesy of Nintendo

As you explore the game’s underwater kingdom, you’ll find scallops littering the sea floor. These scallops are similar to manila clams and can be used for crafting. Although they cannot be donated to the museum, you might want to give them to the game’s newest NPC—Pascal.

Pascal is a lovable mustached sea otter who will trade DIY recipes for your precious scallops. These recipes include mermaid-themed items and will allow you to decorate your home just like The Little Mermaid.

Mermaid-Themed Items

mermaid room

Courtesy of Nintendo

As mentioned above, Wave 1 will bring all new mermaid-themed furniture. According to Nintendo’s trailer, this furniture includes wallpaper, flooring, a table, couch, bed, partition, chair, dresser, floor lamp, vanity, shelf, and wall-mounted mobile. However, your home isn’t the only thing that will be decked out in mermaid-style. The trailer also featured all new mermaid-themed clothing. Take a look at the 1:03 mark of the trailer and you’ll see that the character is wearing a mermaid dress that is currently not available in the game. We can probably expect to see some of these items in The Able Sisters' tailor shop on the 3rd.

Aye Aye Captain, There's a New Gulliver

Game character with a seagull

Courtesy of Nintendo

Poor Gulliver is always washing ashore with no idea how he got there. Well, it looks like Gulliver is about to do a lot more exploring and a lot more drinking. Nintendo’s trailer featured a seagull that looks a lot like the avian drunkard we’re using to seeing on our shores. However, this seagull is wearing a pirate outfit. Although there’s no indication of whether this is Gulliver or another bird, it might mean we’ll see some new items in our mailbox after reuniting him with his crew.

Wave 2

The trailer lists these new updates as “Wave 1,” which ultimately means there’s going to be a “Wave 2." Rumors amongst fans suggest that these updates could bring a new store to our islands. Could this be a store for one of the characters that frequently visit our islands? Will Kicks kickstart a bigger accessory store? Will Leif grow a plant nursery? Although we have no further information regarding Wave 2, we can expect the update to relase in early August. 

Are you excited for Animal Crossing's summer update? Let us know and be sure to send us some pictures of your island!