Looking for the perfect gift for a gamer? Your search is over. 

Role-playing games—and Dungeons & Dragons specifically—are more popular than they've ever been. Even celebrities are jumping into this geeky hobby, including folks such as Vince Vaughn, Vin Diesel, and Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine). These gamers take on the role of a character. It might be a burly dwarf or a lithe elf. And as they adventure, gamers use their imaginations to experience this made-up world they're playing in. The Dungeon Master describes what their players see (a group of goblins attacking from the cliffs above), hear (the sounds of battle coming from around the corner), and smell (a cave that reeks of a troll). And nothing beats the tactile experience of rolling those polyhedral dice! But now gamers everywhere have a chance to add taste to their sensory experience. 

Dungeons & Dragons just released its first-ever cookbook, Heroes' Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook, by Kyle Newman, Jon Peterson, and Michael Witwer. Available at Amazon and many bookstores, this cookbook sells for $15 (Kindle), $25 (hardback), or $30 (spiral-bound).

"It's just as well Caramon's not here. Can you imagine the bellyaching we'd hear about missing a couple of meals?" —Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Dragons of Winter Night

It's no surprise that the introductory pages of the cookbook hold much of the beloved narrative foundational to the role-playing game and each campaign.

Even the recipe for a Chultan Zombie cocktail is complete with a narrative. "You may have seen a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex in the flesh, but you haven't really been to Chult unless you've tried the 'zombie,' a rustic fruit juice cocktail composed of indigenous produce, local liqueurs, and a medley of rums."

The Table of Contents boasts recipes perfect for Human Cuisine, Elven Cuisine, Dwarven Cuisine, Halfling Cuisine, Uncommon Cuisine, and Elixirs and Ales. A bonus is found in the Afterword: Playing With Your Food. 

What do you think of the D&D cookbook? Have you tried any of the recipes? Share in the comments below.