Get your game on!

Every month, PlayStation Network releases free games for players with subscriptions to their live services. Here are the games that will be available in September, along with what to expect from each one. Both games will be available on September 1 and free to download until October.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds 

Courtesy of PSN

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG) is a game often credited with jump-starting the battle royale craze that's given us games like COD: Warzone, Fall Guys, and—of course—Fortnite. The premise is simple: players are dropped on an island and forced to hunt for weapons, items, and each other with the goal of being the last player standing. Adding to the stress is the fact that the map gets smaller and smaller, forcing brutal player confrontations. 

Although the game had a massive player base at launch, it has since lost a lot of players to Warzone and Fortnite. Between this PSN release and a massive update about to drop on PUBG Mobile, September 2020 could very well breathe new life into its community. Veteran players of the game are no doubt waiting for an influx of noobs so they have a chance to break out their old skills and start racking up some victories. 

Street Fighter V

Courtesy of PSN

The world's most recognizable fighting game series strikes again! Street Fighter V is the most recent addition to Capcom's fighting game library. Although it was first released in 2016 to mixed reviews, a massive series of patches, content packs, and overhauls have kept its player base dedicated. Its roster of 28 playable characters includes a healthy mix of series favorites and strange new designs, ensuring that there's bound to be a character for everybody. 

At the core of Street Fighter's success is its smooth learning curve. It's easy to start mashing buttons and watch your characters do cool attacks, but mastering the game's mechanics requires a surprisingly deep level of player. Whether you're looking for some casual fun to spice up online game nights, or plan on dedicating the next 200 hours of your life to perfecting the mixup strings that make Rashid's V-Triggers an S-tier aggro pick, this game is a blast. 

Are you looking forward to these games? What are your predictions for future PSN Plus titles? Sound off in the comments!