Bored? Play everyone's favorite party game online!

There's no reason your favorite games can't still be played during social distancing, and if you have a computer or smartphone, you can play Cards Against Humanity online with your friends. There are a few options to enjoy this game online, and it may just save your sanity one of these days.

The first online option is on All Bad Cards. Simply select "Join Game" or "New Game," then you'll be able to invite other players with a game link. This one is a lot like the tabletop game, so you can deal, move, and discard game cards and keep an eye on other players.

The second option to play online is called the Cards Against Humanity Lab. This is a one-person version of the game where you play against an AI who deals out one black and one white card. The player then chooses the funniest card of the two, or the unfunny card if asked. The cards here are not all included in the boxed card packs so there may be a few surprises in store. We hear this version can get wild, even just playing on your own!

And finally, the third way to play Cards Against Humanity online is not actually the official game but is very similar. This one is called Pretend You’re Zyxxy and it's a website where you can build your own game. You customize the level of play and add players and expansions. Allows for anywhere from 3 to 20 players.

You can also download the game for free on, and make up your own deck of cards for a small $10 fee.

We love that our favorite games can still be played online, and everyone needs a way to let loose in these stressful times. Alone or in a crowd, Cards Against Humanity may just save us. 

Did you know you could play this awesome and hilarious game online? Are there any other online versions of favorite games you know of? Give us the details in the comments. 

Please note that the original version of this story mentioned playing "Cards Against Humanity" through a website called That website has since removed their "Cards Against Humanity" game, so we've removed it.