Anybody else remember playing this bad boy?

Nintendo is surprising everyone by re-introducing its famous Game & Watch portable console, which was key in its ascent in the gaming world. 

The re-release of the Game & Watch is in honor of the device's 40th anniversary, and it went on sale on November 13 for $49.99. Fans should grab it quickly—it's only out for a limited time.

Unlike Nintendo's newer system's today (such as the Switch or the Wii, which boast better graphics and speed), the Game & Watch was a clunkier piece of equipment. Still, it brought some of the best memories for players—especially younger people (like me!).

Originally debuting in 1980, the Game & Watch was a handheld game console that was able to only allow a single game to be played. It introduced the + shape directional pad with the 1982 game "Donkey Kong." Despite not being Nintendo's first console equipment, it was its most successful at the time.

Game & Watch

Courtesy of The Comic Book

Interestingly enough, the Game & Watch also serves as being—you guessed it!—an actual watch, complete with a time button.

The re-release of the Game & Watch will introduce its older format to a new generation. It will have its original red and gold design and allow three games to be played: "Super Mario Bros," "Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels," and the Mario version of "Ball." The main difference between the new design and old is that players can charge it using a USB-C.

What do you think? Do you plan to relive your childhood with a Game & Watch? What was your favorite game to play on it? Tell us in the comments!