Whatever you do, don't squash them—You've been warned!

Cooler weather on the East Coast means it's time for sweaters, fire pits, and stink bugs. We've all had some kind of experience with these mottled insects when fall arrives and temperatures start dropping. The hardest part of dealing with brown marmorated stink bugs is resisting the urge to swat them with a rolled up newspaper. Anyone who has tried this knows why!

By the time you see the first few interlopers in your house, you'll have to develop a game plan. They're attracted to the light and warmth of your cozy home and will be looking for a way in.

stink bug

Courtesy of Entymology Today

Here are some easy ways to get rid of these seasonal pests without bringing on their trademark pungent scent.

1. Let your vacuum do the work. 

This method works best if you have a bagged vacuum cleaner. As soon as you suck up any visible stink bugs, dispose of the entire bag right away so the scent doesn't linger.

2. Catch and release.

If you're looking for a kinder, gentler method, carefully drop a cup over the stink bug and slide a piece of paper under it. Release it outside, far from the house, and hope that it can't remember the way back.

3. Call the professionals.

If you find that you've had a major infestation, it may be time to call in the professionals. They'll use a combination of methods to trap your existing visitors and safeguard your home with pesticides. 

4. Prevention is key.

The best way to keep out stink bugs is to protect your house from them. They're just trying to keep warm, so you'll often find them on the sunny side of the exterior walls. Make sure to caulk any sizable cracks you spot, and repair any holes in your screens. 

Whichever method you use to get rid of this year's stink bugs, don't squash them! You've been warned!

How do you get rid of these seasonal pests? Let us know in the comments!