Top your table with these Thanksgiving decor items you can make at home.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so why not impress your family and friends with a home that's decorated to the nines? We're all for inflatable turkeys and harvest wreaths, but if you go all out on store-bought decorations, you might not have enough left over for the real centerpiece: the meal. You'll also give your home a personal touch if you put effort into making your own decorations. These easy, do-it-yourself decor ideas will spice up your space for the holiday without putting a dent in your wallet. 

A Vegetable Centerpiece

For an easy centerpiece to top your table, cover a cake stand in corn husks and top with decorative corn, gourds, and fall leaves. 

A Corn Husk Wreath

This gorgeous wall hanging requires a wreath frame, hot glue gun, and metallic gold paint. You'll wrap the frame in corn husks and paint the tips gold for a beautiful display. See the instructions at Country Living.

A Paper Leaf Garland

paper leaf garland

Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess

Skip the trip to the decor store and cut out some leaves from cardstock. String them with hemp twine, and you've got yourself a garland! See the instructions at A Beautiful Mess.

Painted Acorn Table Decor

painted acorns

Courtesy of Home Stories A to Z

Got some acorns lying around outside? How about a few colors of metallic paint? You're all set to make these painted acorns, which can be strewn around a table, packed into glass jars, or displayed in candle holders. See the instructions at Home Stories A to Z

Wine Cork Pumpkin

pumpkin made of corks

Courtesy of My Gourmet Connection

If you hold on to your wine corks, put them to good use with this pumpkin centerpiece. You'll also need orange paint, green felt, and hot glue. See the instructions at My Gourmet Connection.

Foliage Candleholders

You can make beautiful, glowing fall colors light up your table with just some dried leaves, adhesive spray, and cheap candle holders. See the instructions at Martha Stewart

A Simple Paper Table Runner

festive paper table runner

Courtesy of Design Improvised

You don't need to spend a fortune on a cloth table runner. This one was made using butcher paper, stencils, and gold paint. The best part? No need to do laundry afterward. See the instructions at Design Improvised.

Free Printable Place Cards

There's no need to purchase or hand-write your place cards. Explore the many free printable options from The Spruce Crafts

How do you plan to decorate your home this year? Let us know in the comments below, and Happy Thanksgiving!