There are so many ways to decorate your house for fall, and most of them you can DIY!

Check out a few of our favorite DIY crafts that will "fall-ify" your home.

Candy Corn Button Art

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This super cute fall decoration is a great craft for anyone, even if you don’t like candy corn! All you’ll need is some burlap, a picture frame, some buttons in candy corn colors, and some hot glue! This craft can also be adjusted for other seasons by simply changing the pattern to, say, a Christmas tree or a Thanksgiving turkey! The tutorial is HERE!

Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins

pumpkin wood

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These super cute, super easy pumpkins are a great fall decoration that’s fitting without being flashy. Just pick up some wood slices from your local craft store, along with a few other supplies, and then add some paint and glue on a few extras and you’re good to go! Get the tutorial HERE.

Paper Leaf & Branch Mobile

leaf mobile

This is a super fun, super easy fall decoration to make, and it looks really pretty as well. The original designer said it only took her about an hour to make, and you can cut out on some time by buying pre-cut paper leaves as well! This one is definitely a great way to bring some fall color into your home. The tutorial is HERE!

DIY Potted Topiary

fall topiary

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If you have a few spare planters lying around, then this craft is the perfect way to put them to work! All you need is a tomato cage, enough fall leaves garland to cover the cage, and some lights. This decoration is sure to be a family-pleaser, and you could even leave it up until Christmas if you wanted to—it’s that festive! Find the tutorial HERE.

Fall Pallet Sign

fall pallet

This super-cute sign is a great fall decoration for your front porch, or you could make a smaller version to hang in the house somewhere! All you really need is a pallet and some paint, so get crafty! The tutorial can be found HERE.

Leafy Mason Jar Candle Holders

mason jar craft

Seriously y’all, mason jars are popular for a reason. This fall decoration is so simple and subtle, everyone will love it. All it takes is a mason jar, some leaves (real or fake), and some mod podge. These look super-cute whether the candles inside are lit or not, so what are you waiting for?? HERE’S the tutorial!