Looking for a way to spruce up your plant portfolio?

Nothing brightens up a room like some gorgeous greenery. If you don't quite have the knack for keeping plants alive, there's a new solution! Go to Target and check out the Hilton Carter line of faux plants, gardening accessories, and stylish vessels.

The Maryland plant icon has a clean, contemporary aesthetic and a true passion for plants. 

Hilton Carter, plants

Courtesy of Target

"This collection of greenery and accessories was designed with the intention to inspire all – from the novice plant parent to the green thumb expert – and help everyone introduce a little more greenery into their space," said Carter. "My interest in plants started out as purely practical and a desire to create a space for myself that I would enjoy. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to inspire Target guests to bring the outdoors in and create a space that allows them to flourish."

Highlights of the product line include realistic faux plants that go beyond your basic potted ficus. The faux rubber tree in a planter is a towering 68.5" tall for just $130. That's quite a bargain for such a beautiful specimen. Seriously—it's so nice that people will be rubbing the leaves to see if they're real. Go smaller with tabletop plants or even tiny ones to scatter around your home.

Plant parents who like to propagate will appreciate the clear glass vessels that show off your works in progress. Keep the mason jars for your salads and root your cuttings in lovely pieces like this hanging stem plant stand for $50. 

The rest of the line includes gardening accessories, planters, and terrariums. Check it out for design inspirations and helpful videos on how to keep your own plants thriving. You can purchase items from the Hilton Carter line both in your local store or through the Target website.

What do you think of this new gardening and home decor line? Will you be picking something up? Let us know in the comments.