It's safe to say that Halloween is going to look different this year, and honestly, that's such a bummer because there's this brand-new decoration from The Home Depot that is making the Game of Thrones fans out there super excited—myself included.

The home and garden store is selling a 69-inch animated dragon that breathes out fog, and it's bound to make all of your neighbors jealous. With LED-illuminated red eyes, animated movements, and sound effects, the dragon comes to life before your very eyes.

This huge lawn decoration is running for $399. But, unfortunately, the fog-breathing dragon has since sold out, according to The Home Depot website. You can sign up with your email to find out when it's back in stock! (And we highly suggest you do!)

Also, please note that the fog machine and fog juice are not included with the dragon. Both the fog machine and fog juice can be purchased online. The fog machine also needs to be 600 watts or more in order to function properly. However, you don't necessarily need the fog machine to enjoy the massive animated dragon. In fact, some reviewers on The Home Depot website said that "this beast stands on its own and attracts the kiddies and parents alone."

What do you think of this fog-breathing dragon from The Home Depot? Pretty amazing, right? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.