With a little prep work on the front end, self-quarantining can be a relatively painless process. Here are some good tips on getting started.

Current standards require people to self-quarantine if they are feeling ill or have been possibly exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

In general, you should have the supplies necessary to complete a two-week period of isolation in your home during the quarantine period. Plan on not having to leave the house except to go to medical appointments, so preparation is key.

First and foremost, talk about your plan to everyone in the house. If someone can't live without strawberry fruit snacks, then those go on the grocery list. Getting input from everyone will minimize arguments when you're stuck in close quarters.

Stock up enough food for two weeks.

Don't go nuts and buy all the toilet paper you see. Get shelf-stable dry goods and canned goods from which you can create filling, balanced meals. If you never eat plain rice, then you probably won't start now.

Be realistic about what you like, and round it out with meat that can be frozen for future use and some canned or frozen produce. Pasta, seasoned rice packets, ramen noodles, and dried beans are all inexpensive starches.

They may seem like luxuries, but you should be sure to include comfort foods like sweets, crunchy snacks, and candy. Family movie night wouldn't be the same without popcorn!

groceries, shelves

Don't forget the drugstore!

If you do get sick, you'll need to self-quarantine even further, staying in a single room away from other people in the house. Have your favorite cold and flu remedies on hand: cough drops, over-the-counter medications, tissues, and throat sprays. General pain relievers, vitamins, and any supplements you normally take should be on hand as well.

mug, tissues

Think about entertainment.

Do you have low-tech options like a deck of cards, a few board games, and books? Schedule outings like long walks in a nearby park to break up the monotony. Don't let kids on any playground equipment right now; there simply aren't enough cleaning wipes in the world to make that a good idea.

Clean and de-clutter.

Make sure that cleaning supplies you buy are both anti-viral and anti-bacterial. You can get a ton of spring cleaning done in two weeks! 

Going room by room, you'll want to give everything a good once-over with a strong cleaner, so you might as well get rid of the clutter at the same time. If you need some inspiration, watch a few Marie Kondo videos:

Make it fun for kids by offering to buy a box of old goods for donation for $5 each and see those rooms empty out.

Have fun in the kitchen.

This is a great time to hand down some family recipes. Include kids in the meal prep and if you're lucky, you may have a budding chef in the house. Bake cookies, try new bread recipes, and liven up your quarantine meals.

baking, dough

While this all seems a bit daunting, it's easy to accomplish if you work on it little by little. Don't be scared by the social media photos of empty grocery store shelves; you'll be able to find what you need if you're patient and have a game plan.

*The photos in this article are courtesy of Unsplash.

What do you have in your two-week quarantine supplies? Let us know in the comments!