Get ready to build the Höuse, Cåmping Tent, Cåstle, Förtress,Wigwåm, or Cåve.

IKEA must miss confusing and frustrating the bejeebus out of us all with its assembly instructions, and it's done something about it.

The Russian IKEA Instagram page released the blueprints for six sweet blanket forts that can keep kids (and adults, I'd venture to guess) busy for hours. The designs can be made using common household items such as pillows, chairs, tables, laundry pins, and blankets, of course. IKEA Russia and an advertising agency developed the designs to keep people entertained during the pandemic lockdown.

And, the best part? You don't have to wander the stores aimlessly for hours, somehow ending up with a colander when you actually went in for candles. While IKEA is pushing its own products for building materials, you can most definitely use what you have on hand to build some amazing play places.

The designs run the gamut of traditional forts to fantasy castles, as well as some outdoor-themed structures. Fill the fort with stuffed animals, pillows, blankets, and more for a cozy, kid-sized space that is sure to bring out creativity and smiles.

It's important to note that IKEA reminds everyone to ensure the structure is safe, and don't leave kids unattended. Some of these forts include lampstands and lights, so just be super careful to minimize fire risks. 

If all the building makes you snacky, then you can also dive right into some of the company's famous Swedish meatballs! IKEA released the recipe for this shopper favorite on its Twitter page, so you can get your fix even if you can't make it into the store! 

Feel like building a fort? Check out each of the six designs in the following slides—all photos are provided by IKEA Russia.

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