Genius or just silly? Social media weighs in on this work-from-home office setup. 

A recent trend we have seen making the rounds and generating some interesting conversation on social media is the low-tech "outdoor desk." Essentially, this is just a cardboard box flipped on its side to create a makeshift cubicle. The solution popped up after the weather warmed up and work-from-home professionals wanted to get some progress on their tan as well as their paycheck.

The main issue people were having while working outside is that the sun’s wicked glare made it hard to see anything on a computer screen. However, the rather simple and almost obvious solution was shared on LinkedIn, and users quickly chimed in with their own take on the hack.

Where it all started:

outdoor desk hack
The original image shared by LinkedIn user Tom Wood. 

And some of the responses:

This one is a work-in-progress …

foil on laptop
Courtesy Matthew Hassey (LinkedIn) 

Take two:

laptop in box
Courtesy Matthew Hassey (LinkedIn)

The laundry basket takes it up a level:

laptop in laundry basket
Courtesy of Kristina Lancaster (LinkedIn)

This poster has music and extended space for the mouse. 

computer outside
Courtesy of Adrian Kirby

Well played, sir!

Agreed. Why not teach outside when you can?

DIY standing desks are also a thing. Hey, whatever works, right? 

Some folks thought the "outdoor desk" idea was genius, while others were stumped as to why they didn't think of it already. One major complaint was WiFi limits, which disappoints us all at some point in life. There are many takes on the outside desk that have been shared online lately, and we have to say, people really do seem to enjoy the fresh air while working from home. And we can't blame them!

How about you? Have you enjoyed working from home? Comment below.