This cheap option for bathroom remodeling will only end up costing you more in the long run. 

Now that you've been spending an extended period of time at home due to Coronavirus/COVID-19, you've likely been looking at various areas of your home that could do with a facelift. If it's your bathroom that needs some love, you may be tempted to install a tub liner as a quick and inexpensive refurbishment. The problem is, with anything cheap and easy, bathtub liners do more harm than good.

Our friends at Build A Bath gave us some insight about how opting for a bathtub liner is a terrible idea.

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Think of it as putting a Band-Aid on a cut that clearly needs stitches. It's a momentary fix but terribly useless at the same time. Bathtub liners simply mask problems caused by your existing tub. If you're covering up cracks or other issues with your tub, you're just hiding issues that will grow worse over time. Another downside to tub liners is that they can trap water, which leads to the growth of mold and mildew, leaving you with a more expensive problem to deal with later on. Lastly, bathtub liners can be an absolute mess to install, which will have you rethinking the entire bathroom update altogether. 

Honestly, it pays to just have the old tub removed and a new one put in. Going this route will remove any rot or fix any underlying plumbing issues on top of installing a brand-new bathtub that'll not only look much better but also increase your home's value as well.