Want to know how your Zoom setup ranks, in the scheme of things? Check out Room Rater!

What started out as an account to critique hotel rooms and vacation rentals is now a Twitter hot spot for Zoom room breakdowns.

Is your background too plain? Too cluttered? The Room Rater Twitter account rates various backgrounds in an entertaining yet very informative way. And who knows? You may walk away with some new insight into how to deck out your office for your next Zoom video conference.

One of the worst ratings you can get is that of "hostage video." Think plain walls, murky surroundings, bad artwork, etc. 

It seems that a wide view is preferable. The more you can see, the better.


Interesting displays probably shouldn't be excessive. This one could trigger a few wellness check calls in some circles.


Don't underestimate the points you get with a well-placed pet.

Artwork is always good, but make sure it's the right size and scale. It doesn't have to be limited to the walls, either. Sculptures on bookshelves and printed pillows count!


Green screen is to be avoided, apparently, but a well-stocked bookshelf or two is always a good sight. Too many horizontal books are never a good thing if you have space for them to be upright.


Not enough shelves? That's okay, it shows that you're a real intellectual, not someone who buys books by the foot.


Fruit bowls will be scrutinized, so make sure your produce is up to par. Hide the spotty bananas and unremarkable Red Delicious!


For the most part, subjects are tickled to be featured on Room Rater's Twitter feed.

How do you think your Zoom or Skype setup would fare? Let us know in the comments!