Houseplants can cheer up a room by adding a pop of color and purifying the air.

Even if you don't own a watering can, a winter garden is an easy project for anyone with a window. True, the best light will be in a south-facing direction, but all of the plants listed will do well in low to medium light. Identify one spot near a window and place an end table or light plastic bookshelf there. I like to use adjustable shelving like this and keep supplies or smaller plants on the bottom. Most of the plants listed and supplies can be found at your local Home Depot or Lowe's. If you prefer to buy your plants online, try Hirt's.

Start with a couple of these hard-to-kill varieties and branch out from there. You don't even need to buy new pots until the plants start to grow, but pretty pots are another great way to add color to a room. Self-watering pots have the added benefit of drawing excess water away from the roots so you don't run the risk of drowning your new plants.

Here are some of the easiest plants to grow that can tolerate indoor levels of light:

1. Pothos

You'll see this one in pretty much every government office building. Trailing across a counter or trained to go up a wall, a pothos is almost indestructible. It's also great for sharing—just snip off a cutting and root it in some water. Plant in a paper cup for a thoughtful little gift.

Courtesy of Bloomscape

2. Lucky bamboo

Yes, this can seem cheesy, but lucky bamboo is a hardy little bugger. You can grow them in rocks and water, a plain jar of water, or in soil. Be careful if you keep them in a vase, and make sure you change the water every week or it may rot the roots.

Courtesy of Unsplash

3. Peace Lily

This popular Mother's Day gift will live forever if you remember to water it occasionally. The slim white flowers are almost a bonus with this leafy plant. I think it looks best in a basket of some sort.

Courtesy of Skillins

4. Anthurium

Another hardy flowering plant, anthurium plants feel a bit more tropical when the red flowers emerge. You can find these in both miniature and larger sizes. 

Courtesy of Bakker

5. Monstera Deliciosa

This is one that everyone will touch. The leaves are so glossy and perfect, they must be fake, right? Also known as "the Swiss Cheese Plant," you won't believe how quickly a Monstera grows. 

Courtesy of Into the Wild Interiors

Why aren't succulents on this list?

Though very trendy right now, succulents are a bit finicky. Indoor conditions during winter aren't ideal for succulents; the air tends to be drier, and succulents can wither easily. If you really want to try keeping one, start with a jade plant and watch for dropping leaves.

How do I take care of my new indoor garden?

Most houseplants are okay with drying out between waterings. Make a weekly effort to water, mist, and check on your new winter garden. Self-watering pots can be watered from the bottom, and plant roots will just draw up what they need. When a plant looks like it's outgrowing the pots, simply re-pot it in a 2" larger pot with fresh potting soil. Julie Nicole is one of my favorite houseplant YouTubers—check out her videos for more information on particular plants.

Do you have any fool-proof indoor plants that would work well in a winter garden? Let us know in the comments below!