Make bathtime not only fun but educational as well!

In this unusual time of social distancing, we have started to give our son more baths than usual. It's a break from all the TV, and he seems to love splashing around and making up games with all of his bath toys. One of my favorite bath toys of his is the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers set. 

This adorable foam set consists of 36 colorful letters and numbers and can be found at Target for only $4.49. If primary colors aren't your thing, Amazon also has a pastel version, currently going for $6.99. While the recommended age listed is 3 and up, I think toddlers as young as 1 would find enjoyment out of these. My son is almost 2.5-years-old and started showing interest around 2.

foam bath letters

Courtesy of Target

They easily stick to the wall when wet, and are great for teaching your kiddo their numbers, letters, and words. I personally enjoy trying to spell as many words as I can out of one alphabet set. I also love that they're made out of soft, durable, non-toxic foam if you have a child who's teething or just prone to sticking everything in their mouth. 

They're extremely affordable compared to most bath toys, and I think they make a great baby shower or first birthday gift.

Munchkin bath letters and numbers

Courtesy of Munchkin

I can attest that they hold up well and don't look much different than the day we received them. They're not messy, unlike some other bath toys we have, and my son actually enjoys cleaning them up once bath time is over. If you don't already have a set, I'd suggest ordering them today!

Do you own the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers set? If not, what's your favorite bath toy for your tot? Let us know in the comments!