All business on this toilet is serious business.

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom? Like, really upgrade your bathroom. We're not just talking about new tiles and a freshly polished sink here: the Japanese company Toto has a high-tech luxury toilet that can be yours for the whopping sum of $11,000. 

Toto (not the Africa one) is a Japanese toilet company that's best known internationally for the Toto Washlet. For those not familiar, the Washlet is a compact, automated bidet mounted inside the toilet bowl that's a standard fixture on many Japanese toilets. The company is credited with starting Japan's fixation with luxury toilets, which has produced impressive bits of sci-fi plumbing, as seen here. 


A '"normal'"Japanese toilet. Courtesy of Shutterstock.

Seemingly not content with making toilets that feature spaceship controls, Toto has also created a super high-end toilet called the NEOREST NX, which is quite possibly the most sophisticated piece of bathroom technology of all time. 

In addition to sounding like the name of a C-list DC villain, the NEOREST NX features a whole suite of futuristic toilet features designed to take all of the stress (and smell) out of your time in the bathroom by showcasing all of the toilet technology that Toto has to offer. We mean ALL of it. 

When you first walk up to the NEOREST NX, the toilet lid automatically opens while the seat instantly heats to a comfortable preset temperature. Once you've gone about your, ahem, business, the toilet will automatically wash you with a gentle stream of purified water from its bidet before drying you off with a built-in dryer. It then uses a specialty "tornado flush" system to funnel water in along the edges of the bowl, knocking loose any waste to avoid buildup. After you're done, the toilet lid automatically closes, too.

As if that weren't enough, the toilet also features passive cleaning systems that will run automatically when it's not in use. The NEOREST uses ionized eWater+, which is electrolyzed water with antibacterial properties that prevent odors. Additionally, it's Actilight system uses ultraviolet lights to further disinfect the toilet when it isn't in use. 

At a whopping $11,000 retail price, this toilet has the distinction of being the most expensive toilet available on the general consumer market. While toilets coated in gold, platinum, or stolen Renaissance-era artwork are undoubtedly more expensive, they aren't available for purchase through retail markets. If they were, it would make preventing shoplifters a lot more intense for the employees at Lowe's. 

If you're looking to poop like a king (or somehow are spending thousands of dollars on toilet paper and want to save money), then it's harder to get fancier than a toilet like this. The NEOREST NX hit the US market in 2018, but the high price point means that it hasn't quite made a splash.

Pun intended.