Looking for the next great spectator sport? Try your backyard squirrels.

A Michigan man built a restaurant for his neighborhood squirrels, and you'll love the results. James Vreeland has taken to calling his creation "Maison de Noix," or more simply, "The House of Nuts."

With its two-top picnic tables and picket fencing, it's got a rustic vibe to it. It would be the perfect spot for a wildlife date night, don't you think? It's quickly gaining national fame as THE local hangout in the discerning squirrel foodie community.


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His menu is simple, but effective. With an option of four courses that changes regularly, diners come from far and wide to sample his dishes. Animal lovers, don't fear: his customers are getting wild-life appropriate food. The bread is just an appetizer.


As you can see, the restaurant is running at much less than full capacity, so he doesn't have to worry about being shut down for social distancing regulations. You can tune in to his Instagam account for videos on how things are going.


Another successful lunch service.

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What kind of fun DIY projects are you doing at home right now? Anything that rivals the creativity of this squirrel restaurant? Tell us about your creations in the comments!