"Achoo!" These tips will make it easier for you to enjoy the outdoors.

No one likes to remain indoors as the seasons change welcoming more and more sunshine. Though allergy sufferers often do just that. Depending on the severity of their seasonal allergies, some sufferers choose to enjoy the beauty of spring through a window.

You can plan now to spend springtime outdoors and for an outdoor oasis that helps keep allergies at bay. 

See a Doctor

Allergists have sophisticated testing practices to better isolate the exact cause of your sneezing and watery eyes. You might be allergic to the blooms of a certain tree that only cause issues once a year. Or it might be a specific flower that you plant every year that causes you difficulty.

Rather than guessing, take the time to get tested. While there are allergy medications that suppress an allergic reaction, there are also immunotherapy options that offer long-term relief from allergies altogether. Allergists will also have various recommendations to help you feel better, year-round.

Research Flowers

According to Birds & Blooms magazine (February/March 2021 issue), the bigger flowers often aggravate allergies the least. You might have more of an issue with your allergies when you plant smaller flowers. 

Do some quick research to find just the right flowers for your backyard that will bring all the vibrant color you want without much of the allergy aggravation.

Find an Alternative to Grass (or Mowing)

Consider a ground cover that doesn't require mowing. The green grass that is so common needs to be mowed at least once a week. This is often a terrible time for allergies as the grass particles are airborne.

You can have your green grass replaced with artificial turf or xeriscape with rocks and pebbles. Many enjoy the savings on their water bill and maintenance-free approach to a backyard.

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? What tips can you add to our list? Share in the comments below.