"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find that fun, and ... SNAP! The job's a game!" Mary Poppins taught us well.

Remember all those wonderful friends who had their entire houses cleaned out by the second week of quarantine in 2020? Yeah, that wasn't me. Sure, I completed some projects around the house, but I found myself binge-watching Psych as a family. Seriously, good times.

And my closet just stared at me. Laughing. My clothes that were actually hung up were wrinkled due to the mass quantity of scarves, blouses, pants, skirts, all squished together. I want an organized closet, and I would much prefer to simply snap my fingers like Mary Poppins, Jane, and Michael. But that didn't work. (Yes, I tried.)

So, who's with me? Want to tackle our bursting closets, now that we're well into 2021?

First Things First ... Crank Up the Music

(Unless you have an infant sleeping in the next room.) Take the time to grab your earbuds or Bluetooth speaker and select your favorite playlist. Might I suggest classics from before 2000? The Beatles, U2, Jimmy Eat World, Los Lobos, or Styx? Careful not to distract yourself by singing and playing air guitar in front of the mirror, but you can definitely sing along as you rock your closet. (See what I did there?)

Take every item out of your closet. No, really. Gather like things together: scarves, ties, blouses, sweaters, pants, etc. We'll go through the rest of the steps after you've taken items out of your closet. Only the items you're keeping go back into the closet.

As you return your favorite items back to your closet, be sure to keep things organized. Group like things together. Stack folded clothes neatly on shelves. Hang clothes facing the same direction.

Check for Holes, Stains, and Lost Buttons

As you look at each piece of clothing, look closely for any holes, stains, missing buttons, or anything wrong with the article of clothing. A couple of loads of laundry with additional stain remover might remove tough stains and brighten your clothes. Mending clothes is totally doable, and you get to decide if it's worth it. Quickly decide if you're going to fix or pitch the item.

Try on Clothes

Roll out the red carpet, my friend, and try on clothes to see how they fit you now. The styles may have changed, and your body may have changed. Do the clothes you once loved still hold a special place in your heart? If the clothes are no longer in style or no longer fit the way you remember, go ahead and pitch or donate. While your body might change back, it's so much more fun to buy new clothes to celebrate that improvement.

Get Rid of One-Third

Ready for quick decisions? Go through your piles of like things (scarves, sweaters, pants, etc.). In each category, select three articles of clothing. For example, set out three sweaters. Decide to keep two of the three sweaters and donate one, getting rid of one-third. Place the "keep" sweaters back in your closet and repeat with the next three sweaters or three pairs of pants. Keep repeating this process until you have gone through all of your piles.

Resist the Urge to Go Shopping

Congrats! You cleaned out your closet. It feels good. It looks good. And it's done! While you're enjoying a little extra space and being able to see the clothes you own, resist the temptation to go shopping and fill up your closet. Just take time for you and your new closet. You just might realize life is a bit better and simpler when you own a bit less.

Were you one of the people who had their closet cleaned out by the second week of quarantine, or were you one of the binge-watchers? Any other tips you can add to our list? Share in the comments.