While many of us were stuffed last week, this squirrel had some dizzying effects from his feast.

A Minnesota woman enjoys watching squirrels outside her window as she works from home. One day, she set some old pears outside to share with her entertaining guests, but one squirrel got a little tipsy as he indulged in the sweet (and, evidently, fermented) treat.

Great news! The owner of the pears gave an update, saying, "He came to the feeder the next morning and was fine!"

Watch the video below:

"The old pears I left out for the squirrels had apparently fermented. Whoops!"

Fermenting fruit is popular when making ciders and perry (a cider made from pears). The intentional process of fermentation can take a couple of days to weeks, depending on the fruit and fermentation method chosen.

While this video captures a great story, it is not recommended to feed wildlife—this includes squirrels in the neighborhood. Feeding wildlife can cause dependence on food provided by humans. Small and large game animals also move deeper into neighborhoods where food is offered and can attract larger predators into these neighborhoods, creating a dangerous situation for residents. 

The best advice is to take pictures (and video) of wildlife from a safe distance and keep food to yourself.

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