Safe storage is crucial when you own a firearm. 

From vintage pistols and hunting rifles to target-shooting handguns, safe storage is crucial when you own a firearm. Firearms need to be protected from theft, fire, and inquisitive hands whether you're a first-time gun owner or a seasoned pro. The best way to do that is with gun cases, cabinets and boxes. Let’s take a look at the different ways you can store a firearm.

Trigger Locks

One of the first things you’ll want to get is a trigger lock. This is a plastic or metal device that fits over the trigger and the trigger guard in a locked position. This prevents the gun from being loaded or fired. Trigger locks are fairly inexpensive and most new guns even come with them. Another type of trigger lock that some gun owners use is a padlock that locks the action. Just remember to never use either type when the gun is loaded.

Gun Cases

Gun cases are available as foam-lined plastic containers and padded fabric sleeves. Fabric sleeves are most often seen on rifles. Either type can be easily obtained at sporting goods stores, and they both come in a wide range of sizes and prices. If you have more than one firearm, a case is your best choice.

Soft and hard-sided cases can be locked for transport to sporting events and hunting. Soft cases need a padlock that goes through the zipper pull. Hard cases can be locked with a padlock through the carrying handle.

Strong Boxes

Strong Boxes offer anti-theft as well as protection for the finish and hardware on the gun itself. This type of firearm storage is similar to a gun case while providing portability and locking ability. Strong boxes range in price from $50-$300.

Gun Cabinets

For multiple guns, a gun cabinet is a good option. They lock, offer long-term storage, protect the firearm, and are lighter than a gun safe, which makes it easier to move to different locations if needed. Cabinets are more prone to burning in a fire than a gun safe. They range in price from $150-$450.

Gun Safe

Made of heavy-gauge steel, gun safes can be bolted or somehow anchored down to a concrete slab, offering excellent protection from theft, flooding, and fires. They usually have lined interiors to protect the firearm from scratches. Gun safes range in price from $500-$2500.

Firearm Storage Safety Tips:

  • Store in a receptacle that can be locked.
  • Keep ammunition in a separate place than the firearm (locked and away from heat and moisture).
  • Store the gun and the magazine unloaded and out of sight and reach (somewhere that’s only accessible to you).
  • Keep the gun locked (and the key with you).

Firearm safety doesn't stop with simply storing a weapon, however. Beyond simply knowing how to maintain a gun, it's important to know how to safely wield one. To that end, there's no substitute for proper safety, both in the practical and legal concerns of using a firearm safely. For that reason, first-time gun owners are strongly encouraged to try out a CCW class, along with spending further time on the range. 

Do you have any tips for safely storing firearms? Let us know in the comments.