You've got a choice to make about your Christmas tree ...

It's a topic heavily debated in many houses across the country ... When is the best time to put up your Christmas tree?

too early christmas tree
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Historically, Christmas trees were not brought in, or even decorated, until Christmas Eve. Things have certainly changed as time has gone on. Honestly, putting up the tree on Christmas Eve seems like a foreign concept to me. My family and I have always pulled out the Christmas decorations and tree the weekend after Thanksgiving so we can enjoy it for a more extended period of time. We never decorate until Thanksgiving is over, which is not something everybody can say.

Today, people start putting up their trees as soon as Halloween is over. The holidays are stacked so close together that everything starts to blur, making it difficult to determine when it's an appropriate time. Plus, it probably doesn't help that stores have been decorating their window displays and selling festive knick-knacks since mid-October. It seems like malls and other stores get in the Christmas spirit earlier and earlier each year.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. It's one of my favorite holidays, but it is a bit strange to see colorful lights and wreaths around town mixed with the remaining Halloween decorations that have yet to be taken down, especially since we haven't even gotten to Thanksgiving yet. So all of this begs me to ask: do you put the tree up before Thanksgiving? The day after? Or should you wait until December 1, or even Christmas Eve, like in centuries past?

Our answer: The day after Black Friday should be the earliest you set up your Christmas tree! That way, your tree doesn't steal the spotlight from your delicious turkey dinner. Let Thanksgiving have its day!

All of this boils down to another important question regarding your Christmas tree: when is it too late to take it down?

too early christmas tree
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When do you put your Christmas tree up if you celebrate the holiday? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.