The Christmas tree bugs are harmless and will die along with the tree. But here's how to deal with these unwanted guests.

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree ... why are thee full of secrets?

If you are afraid of bugs, you may want to rethink your fresh, live Christmas tree. There is a very high chance that your living Christmas tree is covered in bugs. (*Shivers*)

In order to have a safe place to hibernate, bugs crawl onto the branches of trees during winter and stay in their dormant states until they are given access to warm weather or a warm location (your home).  

Now, don't worry too much—the bugs are harmless and are usually only associated with a live tree ... but it doesn't hurt to give your fake tree a good lookover, too.  

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Now, before you decide to never get a live Christmas tree again, here's some more information about how to deal with these unwanted guests. We decided to break it down for you.

Types of Bugs Found:

The types and quantity of bugs found on the trees are determined based on your location, but here are some of the most common types found:

  • Aphids (small black or brown)
  • Scale insects
  • Bark Beetles
  • Psocids
  • Mites
  • Adelgids
  • Praying Mantis egg mass (will hatch in your home)

Christmas Tree bugs

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What to Do: 

First and foremost, you can check the tree before you decide to make a purchase. Look for small black bugs, white spots, or egg sacs. 

When you bring it home, shake the tree by standing it up, grabbing it higher than shoulder height, and shaking forcefully. This part will require help, especially if the tree is quite large. If you don't feel comfortable shaking your Christmas tree, there might be a professional tree shaker at the lot where you bought it.

For lasting effects, Little Things suggests leaving the tree in your garage for 24 hours before dragging it into your home. Once situated, vacuum underneath the tree every day because some of the bugs may have crawled off the tree.

Did you know there were bugs on your tree? Do you plan to check your tree now? Have you already decorated your tree? Tell us in the comments!