The 5 "D"s of dodgeball still apply: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge at Archery Games Denver. 

Dodgeball is so yesterday. Anyone who’s anyone is now shooting at each other with arrows and loving every minute of it.

A unique game center, Archery Games Denver, lets you be swift as an arrow as you play a unique twist on traditional dodgeball. The rules are the same as the classic game: line teams up against opposite walls, blow the whistle, and watch them run toward the middle of the court to grab up the ammunition. Except, the ammo, in this case, is arrows and all the players are wearing black face masks and holding bows.

Once they are stocked up, each player can hide behind the inflatable obstacles for cover and start firing away. Pandemonium breaks loose as the would-be archers try to avoid getting shot all while trying to fire off an arrow of their own, preferably at someone (though archery is not quite as easy as it seems).

Oh, and one more thing: the arrows all have foam tips.

Archery Games Denver

Courtesy of Archery Games Denver (Facebook).

While that may disappoint those of you who were hoping to lodge an arrow right in your boss’ keister during the next office team-building exercise, these archery games are all about safety and fun.

Archery Games Denver opened this summer, and it has already hit the bullseye with a growing fan base, especially with bachelor parties and corporate outings.

This brilliant archery concept is the brainchild of owner Jesse Warlick, who formerly worked in investment banking and private equity in New York and Los Angeles before starting the Denver business. He played the archery take on dodgeball in Canada and decided to bring the game to the U.S. less than a year later.

Just like the classic game, there are a variety of ways to play. In some versions, a player can get back in the game if they catch an arrow, there are every-player-for themselves games, a Medic version that allows one player to save fallen teammates, and more.  

“I had a blast today at their really neat facility! They give you a quick lesson to get a feel for how to shoot and then outfit you with a paintball helmet and bow and let you have at it. There are a variety of games and your time there will fly by!” offered a reviewer on Archery Games Denver’s Facebook page.

No need to be a straight arrow here! You can aim to feel like a kid again for as low as $25 for individuals up to $450 for groups.

In addition, the business is looking to add league play soon, so maybe you and your friends can straighten up and fly right into a battle royale for the championship.  

Where: Archery Games Denver, 5405 W. 56th Ave., Unit D, Arvada
Public hours: Sat. and Sun. 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (private bookings are also available during the week)
More information: Archery Games Denver

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