It isn't easy to come up with an original Halloween costume idea. Here's some great inspiration, hot off of Instagram!

You don't have to be crafty, but it definitely comes in handy. Forget the sexy nurse outfit and go for one of these clever ideas instead.

1. Ramen Noodles

Genius—sheer genius, I tell ya!

2. Alien abduction

How on earth would you walk around while looking down like that, though?

3. The Purge

Super-easy, super-creepy, this movie reference is an easy one to pull off.

4. Corpse Bride

This gorgeous look would be perfect for someone good with makeup!

5. The Shining Twins

This one can't be unseen. "Come play with us!"


More awesomeness 💀#halloweencostumes

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6. The Beetlejuice Wedding

These couples' costumes are on point!

7. The Colonel and His Chick

You're bound to get questions about when the chicken sandwiches are going to be back—you've been forewarned!


This Halloween couples costume has us SCREAMING! Love our chicken leg socks.

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8. THE Dress

This would be pretty easy to make if you're good with a needle and thread!

9. Fresh Catch

I get to be a mermaid AND get wheeled around? Sign me up!

10. Justin and Britney 4Evah

No explanation needed, clearly.


spaghetti hair is ON👏POINT👏

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What do you think of these fun costume ideas? Do you have one that's even better? Tell us about it in the comments!