The wedding is just a distant memory and you've got yourself a brand-new spouse. Here are 13 things about your better half that no one ever bothers telling you.

1. The rest of your life will be spent refilling things the other person uses. Deal with it.

2. One spouse will be inherently better at loading the dishwasher.

3. You will hardly ever BOTH wake up in a good mood.

4. "The flu" can mean very different things, depending on who's got it.

5. Sometimes they just say the wrong things.

6. They have the most random jokes.

7. They have no respect for the perfect selfie.

8. They do the weirdest things sometimes.

9. Embarassing one another in public becomes a hobby.

10. The niceties will soon fly out the window.

11. You'll need the biggest blankets you can find to keep the peace.

12. "Quiet" is a relative term.

13. One person will be better at keeping score.

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