Take a trip down memory lane and relive the want you had for these super rad childhood toys.

Ah, childhood. That glorious time before confusing and emotional puberty and a distant memory before crushing adulthood. Relive those adolescent joys with the childhood toys you totally wanted as a kid.

70’s babies:

Nerf Ball childhood toys Until these childhood toys came along you couldn’t play ball in the house. Nerf was the perfect solution to rainy day activities, because it was made of foam! “You can’t damage lamps or break windows. You can’t hurt babies or old people,” was the company’s promise at the time. Weebles Childhood toys Weebles wobble but they won’t fall down! Hasbro launched these awesome doodles as a response to parents wanting a toy for their kids that they couldn’t misplace, tear apart, or break. The concept was simple, and we’re still humming the commercial song today. Magna Doodle Childhood Toys I had one of these as a 90’s baby; the concept was awesome and allowed creative kiddos to draw and doodle and with a swipe of a lever, they could start all over again! Possibly the first steps toward going green. Magna Doodle was ahead of its time for environmentally conscious products. Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Childhood toys This is one of those childhood toys that gave you a sense of danger and adventure. This toy flew off the shelves the very year Evel Knievel made his historic 13 jumps on his Harley. Kids all over begged for this toy. Pet Rock childhood toys I never understood why kids in the 70’s though this was such a hot product. You could have simply gone into your backyard and gotten your own? Guess not, because these childhood toys made the creator a millionaire. Star Wars Toys childhood toys Star Wars was released in 1977 and the world as people knew it was never the same. People STILL flip when a new Star Wars movie comes out. You have to think about it, only 8 years before people first stepped onto the moon, the concept of people's lives and WAR in space?! Fantastic.

80’s kids:

Pillow People childhood toys These childhood toys were the perfect company to scare away monsters while you slept at night. Their large eyes and funny expressions were comforting. Except Thunder Clap. He was scary. Dino-Riders childhood toys Do I need to explain this one? Dinosaurs + weapons = badass dinosaur battles! Every 80’s kid’s dream. Masters of the Universe childhood toys HEEEEEE-MAAAAAN. That is all. Teddy Ruxpin childhood toys The talking bear of every 80’s kids dreams. He read you stories and was your best friend. Everyone wanted a Teddy Ruxpin. G.I. Joe childhood toys The all-American hero. G.I. Joe was the epitome of 80s childhood toys. Coupled with the show, it was a blast to act out war scenes or episodes from the show! At the end of the day it was vital to stop Cobra. Atari childhood toys The must-have toy of the 80’s. Kids from all over marveled at the thought of playing arcade games at home! The graphics would pale in comparison to that of today's, but admit it, if you found a functional Atari, you’d pick up that joystick for ol’ times sake.  

90’s children:

Barbie, or Power Wheels Jeep Childhood toys Before the time of dis-gendered toys for boys and girls. EVERY girl wanted a barbie jeep and every boy wanted a PW jeep. These childhood toys were a PRIME marking of “the cool kid in the neighborhood.” I have fond memories of my brother and I racing and flipping ours in our front yard. Game Boy Color Childhood toys Before the days of iPhones and iPods there was the must have toy of the late 90’s, the Game Boy Color. Not only could you pick your own color, it had TONS of games you could play. You could even get that little light for it because the screen was nowhere near as visible as handheld gaming systems today. Gak, Slime, Floam Childhood toys Growing up with Nickelodeon made every 90’s kid want Gak, slime, whatever you want to call it. Fond memories of playing with this childhood toy, until you dropped it and it either 1) got covered in hair or 2) stuck to the carpet. Baby All Gone Childhood toys What was this magic?! One of the most enthralling childhood toys that all little girls wanted. How did Baby All Gone make the milk disappear!? The world may never know. Moon Shoes Childhood toys A big catalyst for many a 90s kid ankle fractures. N64 childhood toysCause... well... Duh.   What were some of the toys you had to have as a kid? We'd love to hear your favorites!!

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