Many of the new emojis are focused on inclusivity, and we can't wait to start using them!

Fifty-nine brand new emojis will be available on your smartphone later this year, along with plenty of new variations, adding up to 230 new ways of expressing yourself without words.

Unicode Consortium, which is responsible for approving the emojis that make it onto phones and other platforms, will make the new emojis official in March, but you may have to wait a little longer than that before you can start inserting them into your texts. 

Many of these new emojis are focused around inclusivity, with icons to represent people with all kinds of disabilities.

new apple emojis 2019

Courtesy of Apple

For example, there will be wheelchairs, mechanical arms and legs, an ear with a hearing aid, a person walking with a cane, and an adorable guide dog and service dog. All kinds of couples will get representation, too, including several variations of people holding hands, with options for both gender-neutral couples and people of different skin tones.

There are also some new foods coming your way, like a waffle, falafel, a stick of butter, an onion, and a juice box. And you'll see new animals added, like an orangutan, otter, and a skunk. You'll also find a sari and a Hindu temple, which we think is pretty cool!

Aside from those, there are some new emojis that we're particularly excited about. 

Yawning Face

new yawning emoji

Courtesy of Apple

Finally, we'll be able to express things like, "too tired for the club," "bored to the point of exhaustion," and "just woke up, give me a minute."


new sloth emoji 2019

Courtesy of Apple

Sloths have gained popularity over the years, and with good reason. They're strong, slow, and totally adorable. I, for one, am excited to use this emoji, especially so I can say, "I'm taking forever to get ready and will probably be late, but I'll look cute when I arrive," without actually having to say it.

Pinching Hand

Courtesy of Apple

"Just a little bit." Seriously, the options are limitless with this emoji.

Which new emojis are you the most excited to use? Let us know in the comments below.