Bundle up and brave the cold with these toasty-warm activities.

You're probably wondering what you would possibly want to do on a cold day in Maryland. The skies are gray, sunlight is sparse, and the 50 sweaters you've layered are still leaving you shivering. If we could get away with hibernating in blanket forts all winter binge-watching The X-Files, believe us, we would. But the cold doesn't have to get you down! There's plenty of things to do in Maryland during the cooler months -- so fun they're worth leaving your bed for (oh, the warmth). Here are some activities to take your mind off the perpetual chill of the mid-Atlantic region.

Courtesy of the Baltimore Museum of Art

Look at beautiful works of art.

It may be dreary outside, but it's hard to feel it when you're surrounded by colorful landscapes and portraits. Get lost in the halls of the Baltimore Museum of Art, which houses over 95,000 pieces of art, including a significant African Art collection and the largest collection of Matisse works in the world. The best part: admission is free all day, every day (score!), so it's a frugal way to get out of the house and experience culture, all while staying warm. Check out their current exhibits here.

Maki, courtesy of Facebook

Eat a giant bowl of soup.

You probably associate soup with nursing a head cold, but we assure you it's not just for sick days. It's the quintessential winter food, the edible equivalent of wrapping yourself up in a blanket. Whether you like creamy, rich soups or a steamy pho, there's something out there for everybody. Invigorate your senses with a bowl of ramen from Maki in Rockville, or go regional with the Maryland crab or seafood chowder from Mama's On the Half Shell in Baltimore. We recommend ordering the biggest bowl possible if you want to stay extra toasty.

Atomic Books, courtesy of Facebook

Go to a book store.

With their cozy exteriors and endless rows of shelves, bookstores seem to be engineered for chilly days. You can pick any book you want and get lost in the story, also perfect for when it's cold. Plus, "new book smell" is definitely a thing (Doesn't everyone smell their books? Just me? Okay). Swing by Baltimore's indie shop Atomic Books for browsing and potentially a John Waters sighting (he receives his fan mail there!) or discover used treasures at Ukazoo Books in Towson, where you can browse from over 100,000 books. If they have coffee and reading chairs, well, we'll be there for the day if you need anything.

What do you like to do on cold days? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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