Feeling stagnant? These puzzles are the perfect way to challenge yourself while you stay safe at home!

So, you've cleaned the house, prepped your meals, and binge-watched your favorite shows, but now you are running out of things to do. Puzzles have always been a great pastime, and now their mental benefits are feeling incredibly refreshing during quarantine. Jigsaw puzzles are proven to improve IQ scores, lower stress levels, and exercise both sides of the brain, but some über-difficult puzzles seem to want to scramble your brain instead of improving it. 

Online retailer, Zazzle, is selling a 1,000-piece, all-black puzzle (except for some taunting "Good Luck" lettering) that is sure to give even the most skilled puzzlers a solid challenge. If you are not into the most difficult jigsaw, there are several variations, starting with the easier option of 30 extra-large pieces. Are you wanting something with a little more color? Awesome, because this puzzle is completely customizable! Pick another solid color or even upload your own picture to make for a personalized puzzle experience. While this might be a little easier to complete, it's still a ton of fun and good for your brain.

all black puzzle
Courtesy of Zazzle

If the black puzzle seems a little too simple still, there is an even more difficult puzzle that can be found on Etsy. LittleFlowerPotShop is selling a nearly impossible, clear puzzle. The most difficult version only totals 144 pieces, but the tiny, clear acrylic pieces make it one of the hardest jigsaws out there. If you are in the market for something a little less intense, then there are also options that include nine, 25, and 49 pieces. Nine pieces can provide some fun and unique entertainment for those with little ones, and the 49-piece is a tough task for experienced puzzlers.

clear puzzle
Courtesy of Etsy

If neither of these puzzles is what you're looking for but you still want something challenging, then maybe the world's largest puzzle will fit your needs. Kodak has released an enormous puzzle that rings in around 51,000 pieces and features 27 wonders from around the world. If you are going to take on this monster, then you might need to clear some floor space, since this puzzle measures 6 feet by 30 feet! This one not only takes the title of one of the largest in the world but also as one of the most expensive with a price tag of about $600.

kodak 50000 piece puzzle
Courtesy of Bored Panda

Even if you are not taking on the most challenging puzzles, it is still a mentally-beneficial hobby that is enjoyable at home. Studies show that puzzles strengthen memory and problem-solving skills, and they can help you maintain productivity—which is key right now when it's easy to feel stagnant.

New to puzzles and a little intimidated by the vast market? No worries, take some time to determine some basics to help make the best choice of a puzzle that's perfect for you. 

Are you working on any puzzles right now? Let us know in the comments!