Who wouldn’t want a candle inspired by Chinese takeout? 

Nowadays, our options are scarily unlimited when it comes to online shopping. Thanks to companies like Amazon, eBay, and the lesser-known newegg, a 10-minute click-through for shoes could easily morph into a four-hour shopping spree. Don’t believe me? Then you’ve obviously never come across something as genius as Archie McPhee’s bacon floss.

Ah, I bet that got your attention. Fortunately, Amazon’s crazy selection goes far beyond bacon floss and gummy bear anatomy puzzles (which is exactly what it sounds like).

Takeout Candle, $20

Courtesy of shop.coolmaterial.com

For a mere $20 (plus shipping, of course), you could have a 100 percent soy wax candle inspired by the mouth-watering aroma of Chinese takeout sitting on your counter by the end of the workday. Made by Cool Material, this one-of-a-kind candle has a burning time of 80 hours – which is much cheaper (and healthier) than ordering takeout every day. 

Sabers Chop Lightsaber Chopsticks, $14

Courtesy of Amazon

After taking a whiff of that oh-so-good-smelling candle, you might want to chow down on the real thing. But before you call your local takeout place, you should know about these funky LED lightsaber chopsticks. Choose from a pair of bright red, blue, green, or purple Lightsaber Chopsticks. (Batteries included.)

"I’m a grown a** adult and love these," Amazon reviewer Angela J. writes. "I honestly make a huge mess when trying to eat with them, as they are plastic and I just don’t have enough skills. [But] the 11-year-old I bought them for can eat with them like a champ – take that as you will." 

MAAD “Fries on the Fly” Car French Fry Holder, $11

Courtesy of Amazon

You’ve probably heard of the Sipcaddy, but did you know about its amazing counterpart the “Fries on the Fly” Car French Fry Holder? This would definitely reduce the number of stray McDonald’s goodies that are probably still hiding in the lower nooks and crannies of my husband’s pickup truck. 

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