Check out the Delmarva Discovery Center this summer! They have plenty of exhibits your family will enjoy!

The Delmarva Discovery Center in Pocomoke City, Maryland, is dedicated to helping others learn about the history and environment around the diverse and intriguing Eastern Shore. Round up the kids and head there this summer to experience four exhibits you won't soon forget!

"Wharf Life"

In this exhibit, your family can step into the past and explore a re-creation of an 1800s wharf! Peer into barrels of popular exports, learn about the benefits of a popular vet medicine brand, and look at oyster shipping containers from the 1880s! And be sure that everyone presses the button to hear a Waterman describe life in a 19th-century wharf!

"Hazel Family Foundation Touch Pool"

Courtesy of Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum (Facebook)

This hands-on exhibit is sure to be a hit with your loved ones! The Hazel Family Foundation Touch Pool allows visitors to touch animals from the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays, such as horseshoe crabs, whelks, and others!

"Mac & Tuck"

Courtesy of Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum (Facebook)

Come out and meet some cuddly creatures at the "Mac & Tuck" exhibit! Watch Mac and Tuck as they munch on their food at lunchtime, swim around in their 6,000-gallon aquarium, and play on their waterslide!

"Delmarva History"

Courtesy of Delmarva Discovery Center & Museum (Facebook)

Gather a ton of interesting information about the region's Native American culture, colonial period, and life along the local waters with "Delmarva History"! Your family can board a catboat and steamship, wander through a wigwam, look at the collection of arrowheads, and more!

The Delmarva Discovery Center is located at 2 Market Street, in Pocomoke City, MD. Click here or call 410-957-9933 for more information!

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