Moving is the worst, but with our advice, you can make it out on top!

Moving to a new home, city, or, state can be extremely exciting. It gets you on to the next stage in your journey and brings fresh, new beginnings. However, you can’t get to your new life without the dreaded move. Moving is literally the worst thing in the world. You watch as your entire world is packed away into tiny boxes and shipped off to who knows where.

We know the struggle, so we’re here to help you out. Here are four things about moving that are the absolute worst, and how you can get through them.

Packing Up Your Life

One of the worst things about moving is the emotions that come with it. Putting your entire life into boxes can be tough. There’s a very high chance you’re going to come across something that stirs up emotions or something you haven’t seen in a long time. Then, working off of your emotions, you’re more than likely to pack things that you don’t need.

To get over the emotional hump of moving, you should listen to cleaning guru, Marie Kondo. Kondo says to focus on what you keep, rather than what you want to throw away. The true test of whether or not you should keep something is to ask yourself, “Does this spark joy in my heart?” Don’t make excuses for keeping things, and only pack items that will bring true happiness. As far as emotional objects such as photos, let go of things that are similar or of things that you don’t really remember. If you needed an object to remind you of a time, then it might not be as important as you think.

Actually Moving Your Things

The physical part of moving can be stressful to both your mind and body. Not only will it require a lot of exercise, but it also requires a lot of heart as you figure out who your friends truly are. Some of your so-called “buddies” will make up excuses as to why they can’t help you move—and that friend with the truck? He'll most likely be the first to go MIA.

Friends come and go, but moving companies are forever. So, to help with the stresses of the move, you may want to enlist some helpers. Do your research ahead of time and check out reviews to figure out which ones are reputable. 

person carrying boxes

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You Can’t Do It Last-Minute

Don’t lie. You’re probably a last-minute person just like the rest of us, and that definitely doesn’t play out well when you’re moving—or does it?

If you’re a last-minute person, then you might want to find a moving company that will cater to your procrastination. Delivery services have adapted to the times and nowadays, you can use a company like Yellow Express to move your items within 30 minutes of notice. They'll come last-minute and ship everything to your new destination. You can even track your precious goods on an app so that you can have some peace of mind.

Paying for the Move

The worst part of moving is the cost. Once your items arrive safely at your home, you get to relax for about 10 minutes until you get the bill.

The best way of ensuring that you can afford the cost of moving is to plan ahead of time. Moving companies usually give you an estimate, rather than a quote. That means that the pricing that the company gives you before your move may not necessarily be the cost at the end of your journey. Be sure to read the fine print. For example, some moving companies charge an extra fee for every set of stairs the movers have to take to get into your home, and some charge extra if you live in a city and they can’t get their moving truck into your neighborhood. Use a moving cost calculator to factor in all the additional costs so that you have an accurate picture of how much everything will cost.

Moving is a hassle, but with the right planning, you will be just fine. Let us know about your experiences and if you have any other moving tips!