It’s been cold in Washington, D.C. Really cold. Which means we need to step up our outerwear game and invest in some good, solid coats.

There are so many fashionable coats out there, but many aren’t practical and won’t provide the warmth you need walking around the city. However, there are also some great stylish, yet functional options out there. Here are four to consider.

Teddy Coat

It’s about time that coziness became trendy. This coat is labeled a teddy due to the fact that it looks and feels like you’re wrapping yourself up in a teddy bear -- which you basically are, because it’s made out of fluffy, soft material meant to keep you toasty! These coats look great in beige or gray (stick to something neutral for maximum utility), but can also be cool in black if you’re feeling something a little bolder. You can wear them with pretty much anything, but they do a great job of elevating a casual outfit like a sweater and jeans. Keep the length of the coat either at the waist or mid-thigh, but don’t go lower, because too big of a coat will give a more drowning effect. If you’re looking for an investment to wear for years to come (and it's actually on sale right now, so get it quick!), check this beauty out. And if you’re thinking something a little more affordable, this one is cute and won’t break the bank.
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Shearling coats are a bit of a luxury, but so worth it if you’re ready to find a coat you can keep for decades (if not longer!). This coat looks great for anything special as it can really glam up an outfit; think over a little black dress for date nights or lacy top and leather leggings for a girls' night out. The material of the coat adds a fun layer of texture, and the quality of how it’s made will definitely keep your body warm. Look for something with drama and fur detailing, and make sure it doesn’t sit too close to the body. Of course, shearling is sold at a higher price point, but you can lust over these options here and here. Remember, you’re going for a piece you’ll style for a long time to come.
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A puffer is probably the most practical for winter -- especially a winter as cold as this one! This coat will be the best choice for you if you’re outside a lot or just can’t stand this weather. But some puffers can be so blah, and they don’t have to be! Try getting one in a bright color like red, or find something with detail. You can wear a puffer coat with basically everything in your closet, from sweats to a fancy dress. If you like coats that are longer, this is the type of coat to get that length in. They’re priced all over the spectrum, so you can get this budget-friendly one, or shell out a little more for something like this.
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Camel Coat

Labeled a camel due to its beige color, this coat is basically a classic version of a pea coat. Every woman should have one of these in their closets, as a coat like this never goes out of style. Look for a camel coat in a wool or a wool blend material for maximum coverage and quality. Something that is more fitted to the body and runs down the length of your leg to your mid-thigh or knee is most flattering, but if you want to be more fashion-forward, you can get a more oversized fit. Wear your camel coat with a dark pair of skinny jeans and oversized sunglasses for a glamourous vibe, or with knee-high boots and a sweater dress for a cozy, winter feel. Much like the other types of coats, this one can come in a variety of price points, and again, the higher the price the more sturdy the quality, and the longer it will last. This one and this one are both great options to start your search.
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What type of coat will you be sporting for the rest of this winter? Let us know in the comments below!

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