If you live in Washington D.C., you are very familiar with living in a smaller space. 

But a small space can be just as functional as a larger home if you think outside the box and pick out the right furniture.

Here are four ways to create a more spacious-feeling and -looking apartment. 

Make use of vertical space.

Don't overlook the vertical space in your home -- in fact, it's one of your greatest assets! Rather than cluttering your precious square footage with bookcases, crates, and whatever else, install some floating shelves. There are so many different kinds out there, and they don’t have to be an investment. Some are actually very affordable. 

Don’t have enough storage space to store your ever-growing collection of mugs? Boom! Floating shelf with hooks and a border, and rather than hiding them in a dark, dusty cupboard, you can now display them proudly as a décor and conversation piece. 

Same goes for that table in your entryway. Get rid of it and make more room to actually walk in your front door by getting some hooks you can attach to the wall. You can even get something that allows you to throw your mail into a compartment. 

Floating shelves are also good for storing books, knick-knacks, office supplies, and much more. 


Courtesy of homihomi.com

Get creative with your furniture.

Some things you can’t put on a floating shelf -- we get that. But if you’re running out of space to store your towels, sheets, and other needed household items you can’t really get rid of, try finding pieces of furniture with storage included. 

Look for a bed with drawers where you can keep your extra clothes or with room for you to store boxes of seasonal stuff underneath it. Try an ottoman that has a lid where you can store extra linens and blankets for your guests. No one will ever know when you close it, and it will double as an extra seat in your living room or bedroom. 


Courtesy of nicolefrehsee.com

Try a wall desk.

Want (or worse, need) an office space, but can’t find a room or even a nook for a desk? The wall desk is similar to the floating shelf concept. You won’t have to actually use any of the floor (except for your chair, but that’s movable at your convenience), but you’ll be able to fit your laptop and office supplies comfortably. And if you need a little more room, get a floating shelf above it. 


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Make sure everything is proportional.

If your apartment is 500 square feet, you probably don’t need that giant sectional that takes up more than half of the room. Do you really even use all that couch? Presuming you don’t, you’ll feel just as comfortable on a smaller couch that looks like it might actually belong in your home. 

You also probably don’t need a table that fits six people or a king-sized bed that literally makes you walk sideways into your bedroom. All that bulky furniture really adds up quickly. You’ll have just as much room to roll around in a queen bed, and a high-top or corner bench table will work for your everyday needs. 

You can still entertain guests; you just have to get creative, just like you’re doing with your living space. Read these tips for how to throw a fabulous soiree in your fabulously small apartment!


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Once you’ve achieved a more spacious feel to your place, check out these décor tips to give it some personality and make it more your own. 

What are your best hacks for making the most out of a smaller Washington, D.C., apartment? Tell us in the comments below!

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