Washingtonians are busy, busy people. And often, we’re all working on several projects at once. So, how do you stay motivated and organized during the work week?

Here are four organization and motivation tips to keep you focused on what’s important to you.  

Invest in a comprehensive planner.

A good planner can change your whole life. Here in Washington, D.C., no matter what you do for a living -- whether you have one dream job, five side hustles, or you’re somewhere in the middle -- we are all very busy. And we somehow have to stay organized through it all. That’s why finding a planner that works for you is key. There are so many options out there, and you need to take the time to figure out whether you like one that allows you to make lists, plan out every hour in detail, or something dateless and more abstract to keep all your ideas and appointments in one place. 

If you’re looking to blend motivation with organization, check out the Passion Planner, which allows you to roadmap your goals, from three months to lifetime, and then work on them throughout the year. They’ve also got a weekly quote, focus points, weekly and daily schedules, and so much more. 

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Keep a gratitude journal.

Though this isn’t exactly an organizational tool, you’ll find that if you keep a gratitude journal, your mind will be less cluttered with outside noise, and your focus on what’s important will remain strong. Figuring out what you’re grateful for every day gives you direction and purpose in your life.

If you are new to journaling, start by writing three things you were grateful for that day, every night. Then move on to writing down things you’re looking forward to tomorrow, and three things you want to improve from the day before. Just a little bit of gratitude and self-reflection can go a long way in crushing your to-do list.


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Pin inspiration to a bulletin board.

Buy a bulletin board and hang it up somewhere you’ll see every single day, whether that be your desk at home or up in your cube at the office. Put up anything that inspires you. This could be a quote you live your life by, your monthly budget, or even just a photo of a vacation on your wish list. As long as it’s motivating, it should go up. 

When you start procrastinating, get frustrated, tired, or distracted, take a look at the board. Those are the reasons you continue to do the work you do, and being reminded of that can reset your whole mentality.

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Keep a clean workspace.

Washingtonians are so busy that oftentimes there is more work than we can keep up with. Having a messy desk or workspace makes things that much more stressful for your mind to keep track of everything. Rather than throwing paperwork on your desk as it comes or not putting away office supplies, make sure that your space is as minimalist and clean as possible. Have a specific spot for everything. Buy some organizers, reuse an old mug as a pen holder, get specific baskets for specific papers. Organize as you receive or take some time at the beginning of every week to get your desk ready for work. 

A clean work environment clears the mind and allows for better focus. As an added bonus, light a candle on your desk (if your office allows, of course) for a little aromatherapy. 

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How do you stay motivated and organized as a busy, hustling Washingtonian? Tell us your tools in the comments!

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