Valentine's Day isn't just for the romantic at heart—It's a good day to give and let someone know you appreciate them in your life.

Our girlfriends deserve some love, too! Haven't you heard of #Galentine's Day? Here are five gifts you can give to your sisters or friends on Valentine's Day!

A Book of Positive Affirmations

book of positive affirmations

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If there's one thing you should count on our girlfriends being, it's your cheerleaders. Friends should be there to tell you the truth and cheer you on. A symbol of that foundation is a book of positive affirmations. Growing Fruit is a book of affirmations, poetry on self-love, and a journal that allows the reader space to write out their thoughts. 

A Yoga Mat—With a Side of Namaste

Exercise is excellent for the mind, body, and soul, and encouraging good health amongst your circle of friends should be celebrated. Whether a close friend practices yoga religiously or they're a novice, a yoga mat is a great nudge to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

A Friendship Plant 


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Roses are lovely, but there's something calming and refreshing about watching something that grows and sticks around for a bit. Hopefully, like the nature of your friendship! Succulent plants and snake plants are easy to care for and make for great house plants. Snake plants have also been known to improve the air quality in the home. 

A Self-Care Kit

We know that self-care means different things for different people, but I don't think your girlfriends will deny a self-care gift basket. You know your friends best, so you'll know what to place in there to make them feel good. You could consider grabbing a bottle of their favorite wine, popcorn, and a GrubHub gift card for the perfect "Netflix and Chill" self-care night-in. 

A Personalized Galentine's Candle 


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Personalized candles can be a sentimental gift to give your girlfriends. You can place encouraging words on the candle or one of the many inside jokes you all carry. It's a gift that burns with good intention—friendship is in the air!

We'd love to know about your gift ideas. Let us know what you're getting your girlfriends for Galentine's Day!