"Working from home is fun," they said.

We're all quickly learning that working from home is a juggling act. Here are five tips that can help you be more productive during the workday. 

Go to sleep at a decent hour.

Yes, it's tempting to stay up late and binge the latest Netflix craze, but if you can, help yourself! Go to sleep at your regular time as if you were getting up to drive to the office. This will help you stick to your routine.

Don't fail your to-do list

At the end of each workday, write down the items you must finish for work and home for the next day. It's easy to think we can do more when working from home, but it turns out we still have the same amount of time each day. Give yourself some grace and be realistic about the work deadlines and housework you have to do. 

Limit your entertainment 

The comfort of working from home is quite unmatched. However, there are also more distractions in your sanctuary. Let's start with your television and social media. If you find it hard to stay away, put your phone in another room while completing work tasks and do your work in a room where there's no television. 

Photo Courtesy: Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Schedule breaks throughout the workday 

Take a lunch break just as you would at work (hopefully, you take one at the office!). It's important to reset, so you can come back to your makeshift office recharged and refreshed. If you're able to schedule two 30-minute breaks throughout the day, you should go for a walk, catch your favorite daytime TV show, or sit and read!

Set an end time for your work

It's easy to lose track of time when working from home, and employees often work longer hours when doing so. When eliminating your drive from the office, you feel the need to push past a certain time, but you're not required to. If you've met your deadlines for the day, and it's 5 p.m., save the miscellaneous tasks for tomorrow. Give yourself an end time, so you still have your evenings to do what you enjoy. 

Being at home during this unexpected time is safe. Tell us how you're keeping a productive schedule to manage your work and home tasks. We want to hear from you!