Do you think you'll receive one of these terrible Valentine's Day gifts?

Big, 10-foot-tall teddies. A box of sweet, savory chocolates snugly wrapped in thick, red ribbon. The color pink glaring from every corner of the room. Plenty of xoxos, and assurances of love and loyalty, and oh, could you pick up another bottle of wine and rub my feet?

Yep, you know it: that hit-or-miss holiday known as Valentine's Day is upon us, one which many view as either Couples Retreat or Singles Awareness Day. 

Holding heart

For many, it brings gifts like proposals and promise rings, too-pricey dinners at that fancy restaurant, roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and more treasures to make you feel as loved as could be. Some couples may sneak away to the greased bar down the street, stealing back some alone time they've been robbed of by screaming kiddos. 

Others may use the day as a way to practice self-care, like treating hangnails to a manicure or allowing for a piece or two (or three, maybe even four) of those now half-priced bags of Reeses. 

Everyone is guaranteed a low Valentine's Day at one point, though. Mine was when 26-year-old me found out my dog had a Valentine when I didn't, topped with a box of expired chocolates from my father. Hopefully, you won't experience any of the five, terrible gifts listed. But, if you do, remember chocolate will be priced down the day after!

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