Capture Mother Nature in all her glory with these following photography tips.

When it comes to photographing nature, everybody has their own style. Some like to shoot vast landscapes, others prefer to shoot close-ups of insects and plants. But if you're like me, you don't limit yourself to any particular style. So with that said, here are a few tips for taking absolutely stunning photographs in nature, regardless of what you're shooting on. 

Keep an Eye on Your Light

Photo by Shotzr Photographer Jesse Meador

I know, I have mentioned it before, but the "golden hours" – or the hours of dawn and dusk – are an absolutely magical time to shoot. Not only does it allow for natural light, but it gives way for dramatic angles that capture the eye. This is almost a must for those looking to catch a large, dramatic landscape. 

Separate Your Subject From Its Background

Photo by Shotzr Photographer Anna Kostenich

If you're trying to capture a subject, watch your focus. All too often, I'll see shots where too much of the edges of the subject are out of focus. Get to know your camera a little bit, try different distances/angles, and try different settings – you might just need to increase your aperture a little bit. 

Angles and Distance 

Photo by Shotzr photographer Luke Stackpoole

Speaking of different angles and distances, try switching things up. A great perspective can make all the difference.


Bring the Right Gear

Photo by Shotzr Photographer Dave Lieske

Even if you're shooting on a phone, having the stability of a tripod or a monopod can make or break your photo.

Respect Your Surroundings

Photo by Shotzr photographer Jarrod Rigby

Just like anytime you head out into the woods, tell someone where you're going and make sure you're prepared (e.g. bring plenty of water, navigation tools, and the like). If you're looking for animals, we recommend busting out the zoom lens – you don't want to get into a territory battle with an elk or moose. 

What are your thoughts? Do any pros out there want to share some more tips? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Feature image by Shotzr Photographer Nicholas Gianette

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