RV = Romance Vehicle

If you and your significant other own an RV, then chances are you've been together for a while, which means you've done everything considered 'romantic' (i.e., fancy dinners, flowers, jewelry, etc.). Even if you haven't done those things together, you've probably done them with past loves, meaning it still feels like the same old circus. And that leads me to ask: Have you ever considered leaving all the commercialism and cliche displays of love behind and spending some time on the road? If not, here's five reasons you should really give it some consideration:


1. Go for a scenic walk

One of the great things about RVing is that you can stay in one of the country's most scenic locations. It's one thing to stroll through the park after a nice dinner, but it's another to stroll through a National Park. It's even better at dusk, just make sure you don't wander too far. 

2. Campfire 

If you're at a campsite that allows it, why not cozy up to a crackling campfire? Pop a bottle of your favorite vino or make a few hot toddies and you've got a scene that'll beat any overcrowded, overpriced restaurant any day. 

3. Stars

Who doesn't like to stargaze every once in a while? Well, here's your excuse. When you have an RV it's easy to get far away from any light pollution, and if you've never looked up at the night sky while you're in the middle of nowhere, you're in for a serious treat. 

4. Private Getaway

Want to get out of your house or your apartment, but can't justify spending that much money on a hotel? Well, an RV fixes that pretty easily. 

5. Adventure

If you haven't done something together in a while, then maybe what you need is a good ol' fashioned adventure. Fire up the RV and hit the road, who knows what you might find, or where you might end up? 

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips that could add to a romantic RV getaway? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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