Though you can technically start one at any time, there is something very satisfying about beginning a journal right in January. Here are some beautiful options for getting you started. 

If you're like me, you start off strong for a few months and abandon your journal by about mid-March. This year, I'm going to try bullet-journaling to see if I can keep myself organized instead of mindlessly writing about mundane tasks. However you decide to keep notes on 2019, here are some blank books available out there, all of them $20 or less!

1. Holy Cow Faux Leather-Bound Journal ($19.95)

How's this for classic yet conscientious? This timeless design features a brown faux-leather cover, an expandable pouch in the back, a ribbon page marker, and an elastic closure. You get 160 blank pages, which would make this perfect for brainstorming, sketching, or keeping a traditional daily diary. Purchase this journal online from here.

Courtesy of Design Bindery

2. Handcrafted Journal Books ($20) 

These journals are hand-bound in the French herringbone style by a D.C. resident. Give back to the community when you buy one of these lovely books; a portion of the proceeds goes to D.C. Books to Prisons. Purchase one by Far Leaves online here.

Courtesy of Farleaves

3. Mermaid Journal ($11)

This cute little journal only has 25 pages, which makes it perfect for someone who just wants to write every now and then. Even if you designate one or two pages for each month, it still counts! Purchase this adorable blank notebook from Reverie and Rule here.

Courtesy of Reverie and Rule

4. Recipe Journal ($14.99)

If you love to cook, this could be a delicious way to keep track of 2019. Purchase this recipe journal from Amazon here and start your own personalized cookbook of all your favorite recipes. This recipe journal features 240 pages, including sections for all of your different courses. Don't forget to list wine pairings, guests, or thoughts about how you presented everything.

Courtesy of Amazon

5. Dream Journal ($14.98)

Keep this one by your bedside and record the dreams you can remember. If you're lucky enough to be able to do this, you can get a great glimpse into your inner workings. This Knock Knock Dream Journal is available on Amazon here

Courtesy of Amazon

6. Dot Grid Journal ($19.99)

If you're going to try making a bullet journal, you'd really be best off with a dot grid journal. The whole premise is that you create your own sections of information, and the dots are MUCH better for free-hand calendars and graphics than regular lined books. You can purchase this journal from Amazon here in a number of different colors and textures.

Courtesy of Amazon

Regardless of the blank book you pick, make sure you have the right tools. Get a good pen, and maybe round up some crayons or markers if you choose to incorporate doodles. You can always tape in some pockets on back pages to hold receipts, ticket stubs, or clippings. In today's digital world, there is something very rewarding about keeping a paper journal. Will you be doing it this year?

Do you have tips or tricks for staying on track with journaling? What do you use to jot down your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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