From wet nose kisses to soft and fluffy fur, dogs in the workplace actually benefit employees -- improving morale and collaboration.

A typical day in the office can be quite draining and stressful! When you finally leave work, you're exhausted (just wanting to sit on the couch for the rest of the night) or are hurrying home to be with your fur babies.

But allowing pets in the workplace actually has a bunch of benefits!

Virginia Commonwealth University held a study to see how employees with dogs in the office versus employees with no dogs present performed, and the results were quite interesting. Employees with their dogs in the office showed decreased levels of stress by the end of the day, whereas the employees without their dogs showed increased amounts of stress! Pretty cool, huh?

According to I Heart Dogs, having dogs in the office reduces the stress hormone cortisol and decreases your blood pressure. An employee that is stressed out is more likely to be distracted, not as motivated, and turn in sloppy work. Having dogs in the office would help lift up the employee's spirits, encouraging them to get their work done faster and better!

Here are 6 reasons that dogs should be allowed in the workplace:

Motivates Employees

Is there anything more motivating than going to work and getting to see fluffy coworkers every day? Employees are more likely to show up on time or are excited and motivated to go to work because there's a dog there. 

Courtesy of Dogs at Work

Creates Collaboration

Who would not want to talk to their fellow coworker who has a dog in the office? Collaboration is crucial to an office environment -- It helps with the flow of the office and the relationships that you will make! The dogs will say hello to each other, motivating you to get to know their owner. You may even want to take a break to spend some time with your coworker's dog, striking up conversations with them.

Courtesy of Simply Business

Reduces Stress

When you're feeling down or overwhelmed, just turn around and pet your furry coworker for some much-needed stress. I know that I feel less stressed when I have a pet around than when I don't. 

Courtesy of Petplan

Improves Concentration and Increases Employee Morale and Productivity

It's often hard to stay concentrated during the work day (at least for me), and having my furry pet with me keeps me focused on the task! I can feel their calming presence when they're around, which helps keep my brain calm and ready to work!

Courtesy of Arkansas Business

Dogs Can Stimulate Creativity

Taking the short "petting" breaks allows the brain to recharge, causing you to think outside the box. When you think outside the box, often your work is improved! Dogs are a bit goofy -- Who knows, a good idea might come just from watching them do something silly!

Courtesy of Intelligence For Your Life

Increase Activity

A healthier employee = a better employee. They feel better about themselves because they're getting much-needed exercise, reducing the cortisol and increasing motivation. I know I always feel better when I exercise!

It is important to doublecheck with your employer and building manager that it's okay to bring a dog to work, as well as make sure that your dog would feel comfortable and happy in an office environment (and is capable of being well-behaved) before you consider bringing them in

What are your thoughts? Do you work in a place that allows pets? Or do you feel that dogs don't have a place in the office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!