Will It, Write It.

Of all the art-forms that surrounds us, is there anything as ubiquitous and functional as language? That e-mail you wrote, that text message you sent, saying "I love you" to your kids before they left for school, that article you read while you lay in bed this morning, that thought flickering through your brain (in language mind you) – Do I really have to go to work this morning? It's all thanks to the funny scribbles and sounds we make to communicate complex, and often emotional, notions. It's part of what makes us human, which is enough reason to write all on its own. That, and these six signs that you're truly a writer – at least according to the Johns Hopkins Graduate writing department: 

1. You have something to say. 

As a writer, you:
a. have something you feel the need to communicate, and
b. believe that how you say it is just as important. 

2. You have trouble living in the moment – always watching, wondering, wishing you could make sense of the drama unfurling before you. 

Sometimes you just have to put things on paper to make sense of it all. 

3. You are confident about your story-telling. 

Good! You need faith to persevere! 

4. You are insecure about your story-telling. 

Self-doubt is something all writers face, but it's what drives improvement and experimentation – keep that in mind. 

5. You believe that art matters.

Poet Robert Browning nailed it: "Art remains the only way possible of speaking truth." 

6. When you read a great book, your first reaction is "I want to write like that."

Whether it's just a few eloquent words that hit hard, a witty quip that gets a snicker, or a long heartfelt novel, if there's any indication that you're a writer it's that you want to write well. 

Do you have writing tips to share? Any "words" of encouragement? Let us know in the comments.